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visitors around a hospital bed

Today at mass at St. Thomas Aquinas, there was a map on the side altar for us to put a pin in where we were born. After putting my pin in Lamar, Colorado, I walked off the altar, didn’t see the step down, fell, and fractured my right hip and shoulder. You can read updates on my rehab at

My 90th Birthday Party!

Ballroom at the Luminarias restaurant in Monterey Park, CA

I can hardly believe I’ve turned 90!
What a wonderful way to celebrate it with so many friends and family at the Luminarias in Monterey Park.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A big thank you to everyone for being there, and to so many who helped out in different ways!

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Michael’s Swing

Danny Perez hanging upside down from a swing

Michael & Glenn had a joint birthday party tonight at Michael’s house in Three Rivers, CA. The 5 kids: Kirra, Danny, Eli, Ellie & Licha had a lot of fun with the swing in Michael’s backyard.

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Tech Support

photo of Cecilia Sheila Perez Zucman

I wish I wasn’t so challenged by technical stuff, but at this stage of my life it is really difficult (for me anyway) to pick up on it. I grew up in a world that did not move as fast as it moves now, things did not change every time you turned around, and we did not have all the gadgets that exist nowadays. In fact we had very little of the ordinary everyday things needed just to get by.
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4th of July in Pico Rivera

an almost 3-year-old girl in a red-and-white striped top and blue shorts sitting in a big, plastic blue chair and smiling.

We went to Alex, Bab, Little Bab, Sandye & Robert’s 4th of July party at Robert’s house in Pico Rivera. Wowww! I’ve never seen so many fireworks in my entire life! Every direction! 360°! On the ground! In the sky! Everywhere! Non-stop! For hours! Wowww!

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Xemma’s 1st Birthday

1 year old Xemma blows out a candle on her purple & pink cake!

It was Xemma’s 1st birthday party today! Ponies! Cotton Candy! Bounce! (BounceBounceBounce) Pinata! Cake!

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Easter ’14


I haven’t had Christmas or Thanksgiving at Casa de Zucman for a long time now. But with a little help from Tiki & some nieces & nephews, we can still get the place in shape enough to have the annual family Easter Egg Hunt. Not too many hunters this year, but lots of eggs! And lots of yummy food. So nice to see everyone! Thank you for coming!
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Perez Christmas 2013

Mia, Sheila, Andrea & Sophia at Perez Family Christmas Eve 2013 party at Licha & Victor Vargas home

Tonight was the traditional Perez family Christmas Eve Party at Licha & Victor Vargas home. Aside from 13 of us (including meeeee 🙁 getting food poisoning, it was otherwise a beautiful night. A great big beautiful family! And Licha & Vic’s new kitchen was amazing!

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Islas Christmas 2013

Domenic and I at the Islas family Christmas party.

Glenn and I went to Gwendy & Manuel’s Christmas Party today. Manuel’s birthday is Christmas Day! So there was also a cake for him. It was a really nice party and we took lots of pictures.
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Zucman Christmas 2013

The Espinoza family: Little Bab, Alex, Sandye & Bab, standing in front of Sheila Zucman's home with Christmas lights hanging off the eaves and behind the people.

I had the Islas, Espinozas & Sapiens over to the house in Monterey Park for Christmas dinner tonight. Food, photo opportunities, great looking kids, and NO food poisoning! 🙂

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Interpreters’ Banquet 2013


Tonight was the 2013 Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California (AIJIC) banquet. There was a lovely dinner (great food, terrible service), dancing, and I was AIJIC’s 2013 Honoree! 🙂

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Danny’s 4th Birthday!


Jimmy, Fritzie, Kirra & Danny moved from Austin, TX to Irvine, CA, just in time to have Danny’s 4th birthday party out here. Wheeeee!

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Chrysanthemum Show @ Descanso Gardens

Photo of me, Sheila Zucman, at the 81st annual Chrysanthemum Show at Descanso Gardens.
Glenn and I went to the 81st annual Chrysanthemum Show at Descanso Gardens today. I don’t know how I missed the first 80 shows, but 6 months ago I joined a garden group and I was lucky to hear about this one. It was overwhelming! I had no idea of the diversity of chrysanthemums! The sizes, shapes, colors were just unbelievable!
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Giancarlo Perez’ 1st Birthday

Birthday party photo of Mom, Son, and Dad

Jackie, Giancarlo & Eric!

My Great-Grand-Nephew Giancarlo turned 1 year old, Granny Cindy & Gramps David had a big party for him at their home.
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Magdalena Perez Tovar 1927-2013

A group of people pose for a family portrait in a back yard.

Cousins party in 2011. Nena and I in the center.

My cousin Nena passed away on Friday. My brother and sister-in-law, Louie & Mary, and Glenn, and I went to her funeral today. After the program at Forest Lawn in Covina there was a reception at her son John & Laura Tovar’s home in San Dimas.
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Raul’s 50th Birthday Party!

photo of Louie Perez Sr. with his hand on Raul Perez' back

My brother Louie and my nephew Raul on his 50th birthday.

My nephew Raul turned 50! I was one of 6 children (8 actually, but 2 died in infancy) and my brother Louie also had 6 children. His youngest, Raul just turned 50. My brother’s youngest turned 50! Amazing.

Happy Birthday, Raul!
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Islas Pool Party 2013

Chanielle Islas underwater in my backyard swimming pool looking down at a GoPro Hero3 camera in her hand.


Gwendy, Manuel, Liddy, Chanielle, Domenic & Glenn came over for a late summer, beat the heat, pool party. We all had a lot of fun, especially Tiki, because Tiki’s 2 favorite things in the world are Water & People!
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Mary & Kristyn Birthday Party

Sheila Zucman holds baby Lianna, 31 days old, at Victor & Alicia Vargas home in Chino Hills

Lianna Vargas & I at Mary & Kristyn’s party. One of us is 1 month & 1 day old!

We had a little bit of a break in the heat wave today. Just in time for Mary & Kristy’s birthday party. And to welcome Fritzie, Jimmy, Kirra & Danny back to California. And I finally got to meet baby Lianna! 31 days old today!
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Xiomara’s 2nd Birthday!

Singing at Xiomara's 2nd birthday party on 11 August 2013

Singing Happy Birthday to Xiomara

I went to Xiomara’s 2nd birthday party today! 😀
Here’s some pix…

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Fritzie, Jimmy, Kirra & Danny visit from Austin

Glenn Zucman & Fritzie Perez sit on the floor in a playroom at a family gathering

My son Glenn & my grand-niece Fritzie at Terry & Louie’s home in Whittier. CA

Fritzie, Jimmy, Kirra & Danny flew out from Austin, TX for a visit to Terry & Louie’s new home in Whittier, CA. They threw a little party today. Here are a few pictures & videos.

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Mother’s Day 2013

Rachel holding Michael, and Ame and Rosemary sitting on the deck of  Rosemary & Alfred's spa

Happy Mother’s Day to my niece Rosemary & my grand-niece Rachel! With Ame & Michael

It’s mother’s day today! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s in our big, wonderful family! We had a party at my niece & nephew Rosemary & Alfred’s house.

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Mia Perez’ 8th Birthday!

Mia Perez shows a present to her mother Andrea who looks at it in amazement. Her father Jason is behind them sitting in a chair.

Mia opens presents at her 8th birthday party. With a little help from mom ‘n dad.

My Great-Grand-Niece Mia turned 8 years old & we had a big party for her at Jay ‘n Drea’s house today!
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Victor Vargas & Kristyn Ingram

Photo of a pair of shiny, metallic silver high heels sparkling off the matte of green grass

Kirstyn’s shoes, a few minutes after the ceremony! 😀

My niece and nephew, Alicia Perez Vargas and Victor Vargas’ son Victor, my grand-nephew? Let’s just say nephew! My nephew Victor Vargas married Kristyn Ingram at a beautiful country club in the hills today. Congratulations Victor & Kristyn!! I hope you have a wonderful life together! — Love, Aunt Sheila
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Perez Family Oral History

VidCaps of Cecilia "Sheila" Perez Zucman talking about Perez family history

Here are a few oral history videos where I talk about our family history.
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Louie & Alicia dancing

A man in a black suit dancing with a woman in a dark-print, knee-length dress and black heels. The are on the dance floor at a wedding reception.

My brother Louie dancing with his daughter Alicia.

Kevin Perez & Christie Farrell

Christie Farrell Perez and Kevin Perez hold hands during their wedding ceremony.

Christie & Kevin get married!

Glenn and I drove up to Sacramento to attend Christie & Kevin’s wedding! My brother & sister-in-law Louie & Mary also drove up and the 4 of us stayed at a hotel in Sacramento.

Congratulations Christie & Kevin! I hope you have a wonderful life together! — Love, Aunt Sheila
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My Sister, Esther, at about 16

Esther Perez, about 16 years old

Esther Perez, about 16 years old

This is my aunt Maria, her son angel, my sister Esther & Maria’s daughter Julie.

My aunt Maria was my Uncle Luis’s wife, my uncle Luis was my mothers brother.