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visitors around a hospital bed

Today at mass at St. Thomas Aquinas, there was a map on the side altar for us to put a pin in where we were born. After putting my pin in Lamar, Colorado, I walked off the altar, didn’t see the step down, fell, and fractured my right hip and shoulder. You can read updates on my rehab at

Tech Support

photo of Cecilia Sheila Perez Zucman

I wish I wasn’t so challenged by technical stuff, but at this stage of my life it is really difficult (for me anyway) to pick up on it. I grew up in a world that did not move as fast as it moves now, things did not change every time you turned around, and we did not have all the gadgets that exist nowadays. In fact we had very little of the ordinary everyday things needed just to get by.
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Interpreters’ Banquet 2013


Tonight was the 2013 Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California (AIJIC) banquet. There was a lovely dinner (great food, terrible service), dancing, and I was AIJIC’s 2013 Honoree! 🙂

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Chrysanthemum Show @ Descanso Gardens

Photo of me, Sheila Zucman, at the 81st annual Chrysanthemum Show at Descanso Gardens.
Glenn and I went to the 81st annual Chrysanthemum Show at Descanso Gardens today. I don’t know how I missed the first 80 shows, but 6 months ago I joined a garden group and I was lucky to hear about this one. It was overwhelming! I had no idea of the diversity of chrysanthemums! The sizes, shapes, colors were just unbelievable!
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Magdalena Perez Tovar 1927-2013

A group of people pose for a family portrait in a back yard.

Cousins party in 2011. Nena and I in the center.

My cousin Nena passed away on Friday. My brother and sister-in-law, Louie & Mary, and Glenn, and I went to her funeral today. After the program at Forest Lawn in Covina there was a reception at her son John & Laura Tovar’s home in San Dimas.
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Perez Family Oral History

VidCaps of Cecilia "Sheila" Perez Zucman talking about Perez family history

Here are a few oral history videos where I talk about our family history.
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My Sister, Esther, at about 16

Esther Perez, about 16 years old

Esther Perez, about 16 years old

This is my aunt Maria, her son angel, my sister Esther & Maria’s daughter Julie.

My aunt Maria was my Uncle Luis’s wife, my uncle Luis was my mothers brother.