Joe was the photographer; I was the model, scrapbooker & diarist.

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Islas Pool Party 2013

Chanielle Islas underwater in my backyard swimming pool looking down at a GoPro Hero3 camera in her hand.


Gwendy, Manuel, Liddy, Chanielle, Domenic & Glenn came over for a late summer, beat the heat, pool party. We all had a lot of fun, especially Tiki, because Tiki’s 2 favorite things in the world are Water & People!


Gen 1: Magdalena Gomez Cobian, my grandmother
Gen 2: Jose & Josie Perez, my parents
Gen 3: Darlene & Chito Perez, my brother
Gen 4: Manuel & Gwendy Islas, my niece
Gen 5: Lucia & Liddy Islas, my grand-nieces
Gen 6: Chanielle & Domenic, my great grand-niece & nephew

Sheila & Chanielle in the pool at Casa de Zucman

Sheila & Chanielle

GoPro Hero3 photo looking down in pool as 5-year-old girl swims across the bottom of the pool with her hair flowing behind her.

Chanielle Swimmin’

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