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My 90th Birthday Party!

Ballroom at the Luminarias restaurant in Monterey Park, CA

I can hardly believe I’ve turned 90!
What a wonderful way to celebrate it with so many friends and family at the Luminarias in Monterey Park.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A big thank you to everyone for being there, and to so many who helped out in different ways!

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Michael’s Swing

Danny Perez hanging upside down from a swing

Michael & Glenn had a joint birthday party tonight at Michael’s house in Three Rivers, CA. The 5 kids: Kirra, Danny, Eli, Ellie & Licha had a lot of fun with the swing in Michael’s backyard.

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Xemma’s 1st Birthday

1 year old Xemma blows out a candle on her purple & pink cake!

It was Xemma’s 1st birthday party today! Ponies! Cotton Candy! Bounce! (BounceBounceBounce) Pinata! Cake!

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Danny’s 4th Birthday!


Jimmy, Fritzie, Kirra & Danny moved from Austin, TX to Irvine, CA, just in time to have Danny’s 4th birthday party out here. Wheeeee!

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Giancarlo Perez’ 1st Birthday

Birthday party photo of Mom, Son, and Dad

Jackie, Giancarlo & Eric!

My Great-Grand-Nephew Giancarlo turned 1 year old, Granny Cindy & Gramps David had a big party for him at their home.
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Raul’s 50th Birthday Party!

photo of Louie Perez Sr. with his hand on Raul Perez' back

My brother Louie and my nephew Raul on his 50th birthday.

My nephew Raul turned 50! I was one of 6 children (8 actually, but 2 died in infancy) and my brother Louie also had 6 children. His youngest, Raul just turned 50. My brother’s youngest turned 50! Amazing.

Happy Birthday, Raul!
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Mary & Kristyn Birthday Party

Sheila Zucman holds baby Lianna, 31 days old, at Victor & Alicia Vargas home in Chino Hills

Lianna Vargas & I at Mary & Kristyn’s party. One of us is 1 month & 1 day old!

We had a little bit of a break in the heat wave today. Just in time for Mary & Kristy’s birthday party. And to welcome Fritzie, Jimmy, Kirra & Danny back to California. And I finally got to meet baby Lianna! 31 days old today!
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Xiomara’s 2nd Birthday!

Singing at Xiomara's 2nd birthday party on 11 August 2013

Singing Happy Birthday to Xiomara

I went to Xiomara’s 2nd birthday party today! 😀
Here’s some pix…

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Mia Perez’ 8th Birthday!

Mia Perez shows a present to her mother Andrea who looks at it in amazement. Her father Jason is behind them sitting in a chair.

Mia opens presents at her 8th birthday party. With a little help from mom ‘n dad.

My Great-Grand-Niece Mia turned 8 years old & we had a big party for her at Jay ‘n Drea’s house today!
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