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Welcome to the online version of my Creative Memories scrapbook.

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4th of July in Pico Rivera

an almost 3-year-old girl in a red-and-white striped top and blue shorts sitting in a big, plastic blue chair and smiling.

We went to Alex, Bab, Little Bab, Sandye & Robert’s 4th of July party at Robert’s house in Pico Rivera. Wowww! I’ve never seen so many fireworks in my entire life! Every direction! 360°! On the ground! In the sky! Everywhere! Non-stop! For hours! Wowww!

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Xemma’s 1st Birthday

1 year old Xemma blows out a candle on her purple & pink cake!

It was Xemma’s 1st birthday party today! Ponies! Cotton Candy! Bounce! (BounceBounceBounce) Pinata! Cake!

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