Sheila Zucman & Jimmy Perez converse casually on a Sunday afternoon.

Fritzie, Jimmy, Kirra & Danny visit from Austin

Glenn Zucman & Fritzie Perez sit on the floor in a playroom at a family gathering
My son Glenn & my grand-niece Fritzie at Terry & Louie’s home in Whittier. CA

Fritzie, Jimmy, Kirra & Danny flew out from Austin, TX for a visit to Terry & Louie’s new home in Whittier, CA. They threw a little party today. Here are a few pictures & videos.


Gen 1: Magdalena Gomez Cobian, my grandmother
Gen 2: Jose & Josie Perez, my parents
Gen 3: Mary & Louie Perez, my brother
Gen 4: Terry & Louie Perez, my nephew
Gen 5: Fritzie & Jimmy Perez, my grand-nephew
Gen 6: Kirra & Danny Perez, my great grand-niece & nephew

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