Mom Update #8

Two brown chihuahuas on the sidewalk

Going for a walk!

Each night after I leave the hospital I’ve been going to the house to hang out with Tiki for a couple of hours. But so far I haven’t gotten there during daylight and haven’t had the chance to take Tiki for a walk. Today I went to the house first and took Tiki for a nice long walk.

As she always does, Tiki was crazy excited the minute the leash drawer opened! And then she thoroughly enjoyed her adventure.

Tiki, a small chihuahua, on a long leash, walking down the sidewalk

Tiki got to go for a long walk today. She really enjoyed checking out all the neighbor lawns. Or as Mike calls it, “reading the newspaper”!

Two brown chihuahuas on the sidewalk

Mom’s friend Paige came by walking her identical to Tiki, but slightly larger, Didi!

Didi & Paige

Mom’s friend Paige and Tiki’s almost twin Didi came by. Tiki never barks at them and always runs all over the lawn with Didi. Today Tiki didn’t run, she just barked at them. Paige thought that Tiki was lonely and stressed and letting us know. Paige also thought that Tiki had lost weight.

Tiki looking at a cell phone

We hope Tiki will be able to visit mom at the Rehab Center very soon… meanwhile, they settled for a phone call today.

People Food

Mom feeds Tiki “People Food”. A variety of things, but probably the staple is Chicken, Rice & Cheese. In addition to a plate for her People Food, Tiki also has a bowl of water and a bowl of “hard dog food” that are always available. Tiki’s been drinking a lot of water every day. But even though I’ve only been feeding her once a day, she doesn’t seem to touch the hard food. I’m not sure what the best plan for all this is. Getting a length-of-time-at-rehab-facility estimate will help. I don’t know how long it will be till we get that estimate. Also IDK how long till mom will be able to get to the park out in the front of the facility so Tiki can come to visit. The sooner the better for both of them I’m sure.

I’m hoping to have Tiki join Didi for a meetup / walk on Monday.

2 bowls and 1 plate on a mat on the floor

Tiki’s food: a bowl of “dry food”, a bowl of water, and her plate for “people food”

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