Day 25 – Nobody cares less than CareMore

CareMore's disingenuous "CareMore - it's what we do" logo. How ironic that Caremore appears not to care at all

All of these details are unconfirmed. I will have to make a number of phone calls in the coming days to determine for certain who did what, what their intentions were, and whether or not they consulted with any other doctors or just unilaterally decided to write off my mother.

What I think happened is that mom’s “doctor” Dr. Susan Keisner from CareMore came to Park Regency, stopped by the nursing station, didn’t bother even to see my mother, and ordered that her therapy and time at Park Regency was terminated. No more therapy effective immediately, and CareMore would dump mom at her house on Friday.

The Physical Therapist, Linda, at PIH Downey, when pushing for mom to have the shoulder replacement surgery told us – perhaps lied to us – that mom could regain up to 100% range of motion with the surgery. Now that the surgery is complete, CareMore says no therapy? So mom is to have 0% range of motion? Why did we even bother with major surgery, 90 minutes of anesthesia, and the concomitant risk of life, if she is to receive no therapy? What’s the point of a shoulder replacement if you do no therapy and just leave it at 0% range of motion.

The CareMore plan apparently is to take my mother who cannot walk, stand, get out of bed, or take care of herself in any way, and dump her at her house where they will send a nurse once every 3 days to change her diaper.

The lack of coordination between Dr. Shamlou, Dr. Keisner, CareMore & Park Regency is truly disturbing. It is terrifying. My mother was born in Lamar, Colorado 90 years ago. She survived The Great Depression and World War II. I honestly can’t tell you if the worst day of her life was the day dad died, or the day President Kennedy was assassinated. The intensity of mom’s emotion on both of those days was so far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced or witnessed.

My mother is a great American.

Shame on you CareMore for not caring even a little about the human beings who trust their lives to you. It’s outrageous. It’s an abomination. You may be profitable, but you certainly don’t care about health care. You certainly don’t care about human beings. Your greed has rendered the term “Health Care” a bitter irony.

The letter informing mom that CareMore could care less about her life included a phone number to file an appeal. Today Ryan called it and registered an appeal. A few hours later they called Ryan back and informed him that the appeal had been approved and mom will be able to stay at Park Regency for the time being.

I don’t know how Dr. Shamlou can tell Licha that mom will be at Park Regency for months, that he won’t release her until she can get out of bed by herself, and then Dr. Keisner can say, “we don’t care, no therapy at all for you. 0% range of motion should suit you fine.”

Ironically mom actually walked today! She held a walker like device with her left hand, and a therapist held her right side and she took steps. She had her 1st shower in 3 weeks yesterday. Just when this nightmare ordeal starts to turn a tiny corner, CareMore says we don’t care.

CareMore's disingenuous "CareMore - it's what we do" logo. How ironic that Caremore appears not to care at all

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